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22nd Mar 2023

TCA Ep1086: The Tall Can Audio /Blue Jays Happy Hour Crossover Episode Nobody Asked For! Talking World Baseball Classic & Toronto Blue Jays Spring With Andrew Stoeten & Nick Ashbourne

We’ve got something different for you guys today as Nick Ashbourne and Andrew Stoeten from The Blue Jays Happy Hour Podcast join Matt Robinson to discuss all things Toronto Blue Jays and World Baseball Classic.

It seems odd that it took us this long to invite the Happy Hour guys over here, given the nature of our show.

Tons of ground to cover including the fantastic championship game at the WBC between Japan and USA, the fantasy at bat between Shoehei Ohtani and Mike Trout, whether this edition of the tournament has the potential to make it a bigger deal in North America and final takeaways from the event.

Talk of course turns to the Jays and some of the storylines we’ve been following all spring long like Jose Berrios, Yusei Kikuchi, the upgraded defensive outfield and a few others. Plus - while this team is clearly different, will it be better?

Lots of fun talking baseball with Nick and Stoeten. Hope you enjoy this one.

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Check out Nick’s piece on the best winter beers in Toronto here: https://torontoverse.com/articles/ovEfsKjHEe2Rr2braPuNsQ/six-toronto-breweries-to-visit

Find some of Nick’s Sportsnet contributions here: https://www.sportsnet.ca/author/nick-ashbourne/

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